Perceptions on Driving with Suspended License Can Greatly Differ

In an observational study promulgated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, evidence of differing perceptions about driving on suspended licenses emerge from different parts of the country. Interestingly enough, one of the regions explored in the study was Milwaukee, Wisconsin,

According to the study, Milwaukee drivers were generally less concerned about driving on suspended licenses than drivers in the other studied location, New Jersey. The Wisconsin drivers included in the study did not feel that they would be caught if they operated their vehicles without valid driver's licenses. Some motorists indicated that they would not have any issues as long as they were careful and not stopped.

In contrast, New Jersey drivers were more wary of using their vehicles while under license suspensions. While Milwaukee drivers seemed to indicate that they would not incur the attention of law enforcement officials if they drove responsibly, New Jersey drivers held more strongly the belief that as individuals with suspended licenses they would be targeted by police.

Drivers in any jurisdiction, including Wisconsin, should know that regardless of how well or responsibly a driver operates his vehicle, he can face serious penalties if he is found to be operating on a suspended license. If a prior DUI or other drunk driving conviction has resulted in a person temporarily losing his right to drive, he has options for securing an occupational license that may pose few risks, allowing him to live his life without further threatening his right to drive. As with any legal matter arising out of a drunk driving charge or conviction, individuals with questions about their options for overcoming suspended licenses are encouraged to speak with their own DUI defense attorneys.