Sobriety Testing Can Lead to False DUI Allegations

Field sobriety tests can include many different examinations of a driver's coordination and physical capacity. The law firm of Melowski & Associates, through its DUI defense blog, has provided its readers with some information on those varied and complicated tests. However, to truly learn what sobriety testing results can do to or for a person facing drunk driving charges in the state of Wisconsin, individuals are invited to contact their attorney of choice to learn more about the legal services available to help protect their legal rights, freedom, and finances.

For example, properly administered sobriety tests may yield results that suggest a driver is operating her vehicle while impaired by alcohol. In fact, that driver may not have any alcohol in her system and may actually suffer from a medical condition or other ailment that impacts her ability to succeed on the tests administered during her traffic stop.

Also, an improperly administered sobriety test may create evidence that a driver was intoxicated when in fact the results of the test were impacted by the arresting officer's errors. Explaining the intricacies of sobriety testing protocols and the proper administration of tests are just some of the services Melowski & Associates' attorneys can provide to their DUI defense clients in an attempt to devalue a prosecution's arguments.

A person can face serious consequences when he is confronted with drunk driving charges. Evidence collected from sobriety tests often form the basis of a prosecutor's case against an individual facing DUI, OWI, or other alcohol-based driving charges, so it is critical to be aware of how to challenge their validity. Though every case is different and moderated by the facts of the event that lead to an individual's arrest, with the help of DUI defense attorneys like those of Melowski & Associates, some individuals are able to defeat the sobriety testing evidence brought against them. Then, if they are cleared of the drunk driving charges they faced, these individuals can continue with their future intact.