Did Your Breath Test Refusal Result in a Revoked License?

Last week's post on this Sheboygan DUI defense blog discussed how the state of Wisconsin can compel an individual to submit to testing to determine his blood alcohol concentration when that individual is suspected of drunk driving. Prior posts on this blog have also discussed the fact that Wisconsin has on its books an implied consent law. That law generally means that when a person chooses to drive on Wisconsin roads, he also consents to test when authorities believe he is driving under the influence.

Between the implied consent law and the state's ability to force an individual to submit to testing, it does not seem like there is much room left for a person to simply refuse to submit to a blood alcohol concentration test. It can happen, however, that a person refuses to test and the state chooses not to compel him to submit a sample of blood or a blow in the breathalyzer. When this happens, individuals can face significant penalties for their refusals, including the loss of their drivers' license.

It is no surprise that a suspended or revoked license can impose significant hardships on a person and his family. These hardships can be an excessive burden, especially when the individual refused to submit to a breath test because he had not been drinking. Innocent people can face serious legal problems for standing up for their principles when they are erroneously suspected of wrongdoing.

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