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April 2015 Archives

Blood alcohol tests can be invasive, painful procedures

Not many Sheboygan residents like going to the doctor, and likely even fewer enjoy getting shots. Needles can be scary, painful tools used on individuals for the purposes of administering drugs or vaccinations or for drawing out blood for testing. Doctors' offices and laboratories are not the only places, however, that individuals may encounter needles. Some individuals may be subjected to blood draws by needle while they are in the custody of law enforcement officials for suspected drunk driving.

DUI or OWI stop may lead to additional criminal charges

Communities throughout Wisconsin often designate certain weekends and nights as DUI enforcement periods to crack down on suspected incidents of drunk driving. Such occurrences happen in and around Sheboygan as well as in larger cities in the state. Just recently a slew of drunk driving arrests were made in a nearby Wisconsin county. One suspected drunk driver now potentially faces criminal charges beyond those related to his underlying alcohol-related stop.

Does implied consent apply to boating-based DUI charges?

This Wisconsin DUI defense blog has discussed in prior posts the implied consent law that affects those who operate vehicles in the state. When a person drives on a Wisconsin road, the person implicitly agrees to be tested for drunk driving if the person is suspected of being under the influence while behind the wheel. However, cars and trucks are not the only vehicles Wisconsin residents drive. With spring here and summer rapidly approaching, some may wonder if implied consent applies to the drivers of boats.

Is ridesharing the answer to fixing drunk driving in Wisconsin?

Ridesharing is a relatively new phenomenon that is currently happening in large cities throughout the United States as well as right here in Wisconsin. To rideshare, a person simply has to use a smartphone and a downloaded app to connect to a ridesharing network. Drivers on the networks use their own vehicles to pick up and drop off passengers for a fee, ultimately operating like traditional taxi services.

Did your breath test refusal result in a revoked license?

Last week's post on this Sheboygan DUI defense blog discussed how the state of Wisconsin can compel an individual to submit to testing to determine his blood alcohol concentration when that individual is suspected of drunk driving. Prior posts on this blog have also discussed the fact that Wisconsin has on its books an implied consent law. That law generally means that when a person chooses to drive on Wisconsin roads, he also consents to testing when authorities believe he is driving under the influence.

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