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Drunk driving can lead to the loss of driving privileges

Facing allegations of drunk driving can be devastating to many Wisconsin residents. Not only does the process of defending one's self against the charges cost both time and money, but many people also suffer damage to their reputations even when allegations of driving while intoxicated are false. In some cases, individuals convicted of drunk driving lose their drivers licenses temporarily or permanently. Those losses can have long-term consequences on the affected individuals' abilities to earn wages.

Can I refuse to take an alcohol breath test in Wisconsin?

Through their prolific use on cop shows on primetime television, Miranda rights are somewhat recognizable to many Wisconsin residents. Individuals may feel comfortable that when faced with arrest they have the rights to remain silent and to hire an attorney of their choosing. However, for some people who are arrested for drunk driving there is an even more significant right they may wonder if they have.

Wisconsin company releases drunk driving app

Wisconsin residents get stopped on suspicion of drunk driving each day. Many of those individuals may honestly believe that they were fine when they got behind the wheels of their cars. It is usually only after a police officer flips on his flashing lights that a potentially impaired driver considers his actual state of sobriety.

Inaccurate sobriety tests can lead to false arrests

A recent post on this blog discussed the different forms of field sobriety tests that a Wisconsin resident may face if he is stopped for suspected DUI. From balance testing to cognitive evaluations, police in the state have a battery of tests they can administer and self-evaluate when they believe a driver may be impaired. The subjectivity of the tests can sometimes lead to incorrect assessments by officers and can result in innocent people facing drunk driving charges.

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