Targeted Anti-drunk Driving Ads Hitting Wisconsin Stores

It is deer hunting season in Wisconsin and that means many men and women will be heading out into the woods in their blaze orange gear to wait for the perfect shot. While they wait many will keep warm with alcoholic beverages and unfortunately for some the effects of those drinks will not wear off before they get behind the wheels of their cars to go home.

The Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association is working with the Wisconsin DOT to promote safe driving during the state's hunting season. More than 150 gas pump advertisements are going up that encourage hunters to avoid drinking and driving. Gas station and convenience store use generally increases during the Wisconsin hunting season, making now a good time to get out the message.

It is a message that hopefully many Wisconsin residents will take to heart. Arrests for DUI can result in many penalties, such as license suspensions and fines. Depending upon whether a person has prior DUI or drunk driving offense on his record the penalties can be more severe.

While most hunters will make it home from their expeditions without incident, some will unfortunately run into problems if they are pulled over by local authorities. Police may look for signs of intoxication in a driver and may subject that driver to sobriety tests if the individual is suspected of being drunk.

For those hunters who find themselves facing DUI and other drunk driving charges, help is available. Wisconsin lawyers who are specially trained to defend alcohol-related driving offenses can assist those facing charges with preparing their defenses and getting through their trials.

Source: Leader-Telegram, "DOT, stores caution hunters about drunk driving," Nov. 20, 2013