Breathalyzer Machine Installed in Wisconsin Establishment

For anyone who has ever had a drink and then thought about getting behind the wheel, it can be tough to decide if driving will be safe even if the individual does not feel intoxicated. Choosing to drive and then getting pulled over by the cops is not a good way to determine if driving is responsible, so one Wisconsin bar has installed a device to make this type of decision for its patrons a little easier.

Redbar, located in St. Francis, has recently placed a breathalyzer machine in its establishment for its patrons use. The breathalyzer uses the same system as the systems used by police officers and requires users to wait a certain amount of time after finishing a drink to use it. The breath test gives a patron a read out of his blood alcohol content and in Wisconsin, a BAC level over .08 can lead to a driver's arrest.

The bar's owner does not think that the machine will change all people's minds about drinking and driving but she does hope that it will make some people think about their actions. She also hopes to bolster the community's free taxi ride program for individuals who should not get behind the wheel.

A patron's utilization of a machine like this could save that patron hours of time and thousands of dollars lost from defending a DUI charge. Though individuals who are pulled over by the cops for suspected drinking and driving can insist upon a breath test refusal, using a public machine like this one could save that person the decision of how to handle an encounter with the police.

Knowing the potential consequences of one's actions before engaging in potentially dangerous behaviors is a good thing. This bar is providing its patron base with a significant service and may help some of them avoid costly DUI charges.

Source: CBS 58 News, "Bar adds breathalyzer to promote free cab rides," Tiffany Tarpley, Nov. 13, 2013