Avoid Drunk Driving Charges This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has passed and now Wisconsin residents are being bombarded with holiday advertisements and shopping deals. Along with all of the gift-giving and party planning many people are looking forward to spending quality time with friends and family. For some, getting together with loved ones means going out and having a good time at the local pub.

Wisconsin law enforcement officials stepped up their efforts to combat drunk driving on the day before Thanksgiving. Noting that many people seek to start the holiday off with fun, the night before Thanksgiving has historically been one of the busiest nights for bar-goers during the year. With around eight Wisconsin residents dying in car accidents on that night each year, law enforcement hoped to prevent drunk driving related incidents.

Increased enforcement may continue through the holidays as college students return home and people have more days off than usual. Police encourage people to use public transportation and designated drivers when they are planning on having a few drinks.

Not everyone will heed this advice and inevitably some arrests for drunk driving will be made this holiday season. Drunk driving charges carry with them significant potential consequences such as fines, restricted rights and jail time.

Being charged with a crime can impact many facets of a person's life. Depending upon the person's career, job responsibilities and eligibility may be affected by drunk driving charges. Personal relationships can suffer after such an arrest and personal finances can be stretched to cover the costs of the judicial process.

Facing a drunk driving arrest this holiday season can put a serious damper on the happy festivities planned through the end of the year. Choosing to work with an experienced DUI attorney can help make a difficult situation more manageable.

Source: ABC 2 News, "Officers Watch for Drunk Drivers on 'Thanksgiving Eve,'" Nikki Junewicz, Nov. 27, 2013