Wisconsin Police On The Lookout For DUI, Drugged Driving

Due to the serious and often life-threatening risks that arise when individuals drink and drive, Wisconsin law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for individuals driving while impaired. While most people may only think of drunk driving when they think about impaired driving, drugged driving can also become a big problem for drivers who do not realize that they may be breaking laws.

For example, an obvious case of drugged driving may occur when a person uses an illegal or controlled substance that impacts his ability to safely operate a car. However, less obvious cases of drugged driving can develop when someone takes a presumably safe and necessary prescription that affects the driver's reflexes or other motor skills. Both the obvious and less obvious scenarios can result in a driver facing criminal charges and other serious penalties.

The month of December is Drunk and Drugged Driving Impairment Month in Wisconsin and as a result law enforcement officials will be cracking down and handing out DUI charges in addition to other potential criminal allegations. Individuals facing drunk and drugged driving charges can face license suspensions, jail sentences, monetary fines and other penalties if they are convicted of their crimes.

Regardless of whether a person intentionally drives after consuming alcohol or inadvertently gets behind the wheel without knowing how a new prescription might affect his driving, drunk and drugged driving charges will be on the forefront of many police officers' minds this month. Anyone who finds himself facing a drunk or drugged driving charge has legal rights and can choose to explore those rights and legal options by working with a trained DUI attorney.

Source: WEAU.com, "December is Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month," Chris Verhyen, Dec. 2, 2013