Man Passes Breath Blood Alcohol Test, Has Blood Drawn

When imagining an alleged drunk driving stop, many Wisconsin residents might picture a person standing on the side of the road and being asked to demonstrate his coordination to police officers. Touching his nose, walking in a straight line and saying the alphabet backwards are all purported tests that alleged drunk drivers can face during stops.

A Wisconsin man had a more unusual encounter with law enforcement after allegedly driving his truck into an electricity pole. Police found the man outside of his vehicle in the early evening and claimed that his speech was slow and jumbled. Also claiming that it was cold outside, the officers took the man to the police station where they initiated his sobriety tests.

After allegedly performing badly on those tests, the man passed a breathalyzer test that indicated he did not have alcohol in his system. He was subjected to additional blood alcohol tests at the police station when blood was drawn from his body, and the results of those tests have not been released.

Despite his breath test indicating that he had no notable BAC levels in his blood, the inconsistencies between his sobriety tests and breath test allowed a court commissioner to charge the man with his sixth OWI offense. As previously discussed on this blog, the punishments an individual can face as the number of drunk driving charges against him go also increase in severity.

This man faces serious penalties that can rob him of his freedom and rights. In an effort to fight the charges brought against him, he may choose to work with a DUI attorney whose expertise may aid him in defending himself in court.

Source: Journaltimes.com, "Man charged with 6th OWI," Dec. 27, 2013