WisconsIn Woman Faces Second DUI, Drinks During Arrest

All across Wisconsin people make good and bad decisions about drinking and driving. While many people choose to find designated drivers or public transportation for getting home after a night of drinking, others honestly believe that their senses are unimpaired and decide to drive themselves to where they need to go. While making the wrong choice can result in a person facing a DUI charge, the way a person presents himself during a DUI arrest can impact how he is viewed by police.

A 41-year-old Madison woman apparently caused a one-car accident that may have destroyed a light pole after driving under the influence of alcohol. After the early morning crash the woman walked into a business where she informed workers of the accident. After police responded to the incident they discovered that the woman was allegedly still consuming alcohol when they arrived.

Though the woman fortunately escaped the violent accident with few injuries, she is now facing several tentative charges including a DUI second offense. As previously discussed on this blog, Wisconsin drunk driving laws present different potential consequences that vary depending on the number of DUIs a person has had in his criminal history.

While drinking and then driving is not a good decision for anyone to make, drinking before and after an alleged alcohol-related car accident can create serious problems for the person accused of causing the crash. As it is her second alcohol-related charge, this woman could face serious penalties that may include losing her license and possible jail time. Because of the significant issues she will likely face, she may consider working with a DUI attorney to better understand her rights and for support in preparing for her DUI trial.

Source: Duluth News Tribune, "Police: Wisconsin woman drove drunk, crashed, continued to drink," Dec. 14, 2013