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Do DUI Arrests Increase Over The Summer?

As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, more people are out enjoying their time with family and friends. Not to mention, it seems like there is a new spiked drink on the store shelves each week! It’s no surprise that with summer fun comes alcohol. Because of this, we do see an increase in DUI charges during the summer months.

Reasons For The Increase

Not only is driving under the influence more common in the summer but so are all criminal offenses. The National Crime Victimization Survey reported that crime increases by up to 12% in the summer months. In terms of DUI, what may cause this increase?

Night Accidents

The NCVS reports that over half of accidents that occur at night are alcohol-related. In the summer, sleep is often neglected in order to keep having fun. This widens the timeframe that night driving occurs because people are awake longer.

Social Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is common in group settings. Drinking games can quickly cause people to lose count of how many drinks they’ve had.
Another reason people binge drink while with a social group is social anxiety. Many people use alcohol as a “social lubricant,” to decrease their nerves and help the conversation flow.

Underage Drinking

School being out for the summer opens up a lot of free time for high school and college students. Many students will get together with friends and try alcohol. Because they have been illegally drinking, they may want to hide that from their parents and attempt to drive home on their own.

Additionally, these young drivers have less experience on the roads. Combined with alcohol in their system, this can be a recipe for disaster.

Optimal Driving Conditions

When it’s raining or snowing, you’re likely to slow down and focus more attention on the road. In the summer, however, the clear weather gives the impression that it’ll be an easy drive. This makes drivers feel like, even with a few drinks in them, they can safely get home. This false sense of safety leads intoxicated people to feel comfortable getting behind the wheel.


Summer holidays are often celebrated with mini-vacations and free-flowing drinks. Long weekends like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day are known to be some of the most dangerous days on the road.

Increased DUI Patrol

Law enforcement is aware that driving under the influence is more common in the summer, and they increase their patrol accordingly.
More police are out on the roads watching for any signs of impaired driving. Sobriety checkpoints are also more common.

On holiday weekends, many people find themselves facing DUI charges. You may feel sober, but have a higher BAC (blood alcohol content) than you thought.

Avoid DUI Arrest This Summer

The best way to ensure that you don’t get a DUI is to avoid driving after drinking.
Instead, plan ahead and stay safe.

Designated Driver

Before heading to your holiday festivities, make sure you have a designated driver. Confirm that that person is okay to stay sober for the entire day and transport everyone safely home.

Use An Uber or Public Transportation

If you can’t get any of your friends or family to agree to be the designated driver - that’s okay! You have more options. Rideshare programs like Uber make it easy to call a ride. Download the app on your phone ahead of time so once you’re ready to go home, it’s just a few button clicks away.
If you will be in a city, look into public transportation options like buses or trains.

Hand Over Your Keys

If you know that you will try to justify driving home after drinking, give someone else your keys. Tell them not to give them back to you until you are sober, or the next morning.

Host The Party

Consider bringing the party to your house. While you may have a little extra set-up and clean-up work, you also get the benefit of not having to worry about how you will safely get home.

Sheboygan DUI Defense

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