Wisconsin Man Faces Accusations of Drunk Driving for Swerving

Anyone who has driven with young children in the car knows that they can create distraction. A child who is crying, for example, can easily pull a driver's attention away from the road. An attempt to hand a child an item can cause a driver to swerve. Unfortunately, police believe that a Wisconsin man was drunk driving with a young child in the car with him, resulting in his arrest.

Police claim that they spotted the vehicle on a Wisconsin roadway one night on a day in early February. According to police reports, the vehicle was eastbound when it was allegedly observed swerving in the lanes. As a result, a stop was initiated.

There was reportedly a 4-year-old child in the car with the 28-year-old driver. Following the stop, the man was transported to the hospital for a blood draw. He faces multiple charges, including operating while intoxicated and operating after revocation.

When police in Wisconsin spot driving that they believe is erratic at a certain time of day, they may automatically assume that the driver is under the influence of alcohol. However, these assumptions of drunk driving are not sufficient for a conviction of criminal charges. Even if the man was swerving as police claim, there are other equally likely scenarios that could explain the behavior that are not the result of an illegal behavior. Because most people facing criminal charges want to ensure that their interests are protected, they often seek the guidance of a defense attorney with experience with similar cases.

Source: tmj4.com, "Milwaukee man accused of OWI with child in car", Feb. 5, 2017