Wisconsin Woman Accused of Drunk Driving With Minor in Vehicle

Certain hours of the day may be considered more prevalent times for criminal activity. For those who choose to drive in the early hours of the morning, any erratic driving behaviors could lead to suspicions of driving under the influence of alcohol. A 34-year-old woman was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving with a minor in the vehicle following a traffic stop in Wisconsin.

Authorities claim to have initiated the traffic stop just after 3 a.m. after noticing a nearby driver exhibiting signs of erratic behavior. Upon approaching the vehicle, an officer asserts the woman was unable to speak clearly, and that an odor of alcohol was emanating from within. She was subsequently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and transported to a medical facility for a blood test.

The officer says that a young child was in the vehicle at the time, and was turned over to Child Services shortly thereafter. The woman is currently facing a first offense of driving while intoxicated, the penalties of which are significant if a conviction is obtained. When a minor is involved, the consequences of drunk driving charges increase in severity, and seeking guidance in the initial stages of a similar process is advisable.

Those accused of drunk driving may wish to protect against potentially devastating consequences by challenging the charges, but the process can be stressful and intimidating. When facing a similar situation, one could speak with a defense attorney for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client in Wisconsin, ensure his or her rights were upheld in the process, and provide advice on how to pursue the most favorable outcome possible during court proceedings.