Man in Wisconsin Accused of Drunk Driving after Striking a Curb

It is easy to make assumptions. For example, police in Wisconsin might assume that a person who involved in a car accident -- even a minor one -- is driving under the influence of alcohol, depending on the time of day the accident occurs. However, assumptions are insufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. One man may be questioning the level of evidence police have against him after his recent drunk driving arrest.

The incident that led to the man's arrest occurred in the early morning hours of a day in mid-November. Police accuse the man of driving 40 mph in a zone marked as 25. However, they say he struck a curb at 50 mph.

Police reports indicate that an officer stopped the man as a result of the observations. He was then taken into custody, suspected of driving under the influence. It is unclear whether a field test or Breathalyzer supports the accusations against the driver.

Accidents happen every day in Wisconsin. Many of them happen as a result of a distracted driver or even one who is simply unfamiliar with the area in which he or she is traveling. Because of the time of the day this accident occurred, it is likely easy for officers to assume that drunk driving was involved. Unfortunately, even accusations of driving drunk can have serious implications on a person's life. Because the average person has little experience with the criminal justice system, those facing such charges often hire an experienced attorney to help them make decisions regarding their cases.

Source: Waukesha, WI Patch, "Lexus Driver Arrested for Drunk Driving", Scott Anderson, Nov. 15, 2016