A Subsequent Dui Can Leave You Facing Serious Legal Consequences

Each state in the country has its own DUI and drunk driving laws. In Wisconsin, a first DUI offense is generally punished less severely than a second DUI offense. However, as a driver accrues DUI convictions the penalties that he can encounter increase dramatically.

This DUI defense law blog has discussed how a DUI conviction can result in points being assigned against a driver's license. As that driver acquires more points, he moves closer and closer toward losing his license for longer and longer durations of time. The revocation or suspension of one's driver's license is just one of the penalties that a driver may face for incurring multiple DUI convictions.

In addition to the loss of one's license, a driver may be heavily fined for his DUI conviction. DUI fines can total into the thousands of dollars and can leave cash-strapped drivers in financial hardship. Generally speaking, the greater the number of DUIs a person has, the more the fine may be.

Finally, a person with multiple DUI convictions on his record may find himself in the last place that any person would want to be: in jail. A person may face incarceration for DUI offenses in the state of Wisconsin, and such periods of incarceration can rob the individual of his freedom.

A single DUI conviction can impose significant burdens on a person's life. However, subsequent DUIs can make leading a productive life nearly impossible. The law firm of Melowski & Singh represents Wisconsin residents who have already been convicted or previous DUIs and who are facing subsequent charges with serious legal consequences. Whether you are facing your first DUI offense or your tenth, our legal professionals can assist you in the process of preparing a sound defense to your drunk driving-related charges.