Fight Drunk Driving Charges With An Experienced DUI Attorney

A Wisconsin drunk driving stop can happen very quickly. One moment a Wisconsin driver is traveling down the road and in the next, his rearview mirror is filled with the flashing lights of a squad car. A thousand thoughts can run through a driver's head as he waits for the officer to approach his window.

If a driver is asked to submit to field sobriety testing or a breathalyzer test, he can make a choice. He can perform the requested test or tests and deal with the consequences of those outcomes. He can also refuse the tests and deal with the consequences of that decision as well.

Either way a driver chooses, he can end up facing drunk driving charges that could threaten his ability to drive in the future. Drunk driving convictions can cloud a person's record even after the punishments associated with them are fulfilled; those penalties can be fines, jail time, loss of one's driver's license, installation of an ignition interlock device and others.

Although no outcome can be guaranteed, individuals who must face drunk driving charges have rights to work with legal representatives as they prepare for their DUI trials. Attorneys who work in the drunk driving defense field can provide legal advice to their clients that addresses the particulars of their clients individual cases. Every DUI case is different and as such each DUI defendant should be given personalized representation based on the facts of his case.

The attorneys of Melowski & Singh understand how difficult it can be to face the potential consequences of a DUI conviction. Together with their clients they approach DUI trials with attention to detail and zealous advocacy for their clients' rights. To learn more about their DUI defense practice, please visit the firm's website on drunk driving charges.