Punishments Can Compound for Multiple Dui Charges

Some Wisconsin residents will live their entire lives without ever incurring arrests, citations or other legal infractions. Others endure multiple encounters with law enforcement officials and face jail sentences and fines for their actions. People who are convicted of repeat offenses often are subject to more significant penalties than first-time offenders.

The same holds true for people facing repeat DUI offenses. A Wisconsin man was recently arrested on his tenth DUI offense and potentially faces up to 30 years in prison for his alleged actions. Though he and his DUI defense attorney negotiated a reduced sentence for his alleged crimes he will still spend multiple years in jail.

Criminal sanctions can build as a person incurs additional charges. The potential consequences for a repeat offender can far exceed those penalties the same person faced for an earlier conviction. As in the case of this individual, his tenth DUI offense could have resulted in him spending the rest of his life behind bars.

The consequences of DUI arrests and convictions can extend beyond the reach of the criminal justice system. For example, many employers will prevent employees from participating in certain job-related driving responsibilities if those employees have DUI convictions on their records. Others will simply choose not to hire people who have arrest records for drunk driving or other criminal matters.

Whether a person is facing his first DUI charge or the tenth, the potential consequences faced can have significant bearing on a person's life. Some people have defense options available to them that can mitigate the punishments they would face if convicted. Attorneys who practice DUI defense can offer their clients sound guidance on addressing claims of drunk driving.

Source: Northwest Herald, "10th DUI nets 8 years for Wisconsin man," Chelsea McDougall, June 2, 2014