Wisconsin Man Faces Dui Charges After Crash With Child in Car

Field sobriety tests can be unreliable for a number of reasons. Many of the tests are antiquated and dubious, failing to provide absolute proof of a person's intoxication. One of the more common and effective defense strategies in DUI cases is to pick apart a prosecution that is built around the results of field sobriety tests. Proof of inaccurate field sobriety tests can invalidate a prosecutor's claims, allowing defendants to potentially get their DUI charges dismissed.

Wisconsin State Patrol officers arrested a man after his involvement in a two-car accident. A child was also inside the Wisconsin man's vehicle, according to reports. He was suspected of having driven under the influence.

A Wisconsin deputy and state trooper claimed to have seen indications of marijuana use by the man. Because of their suspicion, they administered field sobriety tests. The Wisconsin man was arrested following his completion of the tests. He is being held in a Wisconsin jail and faces charges of possessing drugs and paraphernalia.

The accuracy of field sobriety tests is oftentimes brought into question by defendants. In some cases, field sobriety tests are improperly administered, rendering the results of the tests dubious. There are very specific ways in which field sobriety tests must be conducted in order for their results to be valid evidence. If it can be shown that any part of the tests was administered incorrectly, defendants have a chance at mounting an effective defense strategy.

There are a number of effective defense strategies that defendants can potentially employ. Knowing what options are available, as well as having an understanding of their legal rights, can help defendants in DUI cases build strong cases against their prosecutors.

Source: CBS Minnesota, "Man Charged With DUI After Crash With Child In Car," March 29, 2014