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DUIs can cost Wisconsin residents thousands of dollars

Drunk driving charges can impose a hefty toll upon those facing convictions. The emotional stress of knowing that a license could be lost or that jail time could be imposed can be severe. And the financial costs associated with getting through a DUI/OWI can be even worse.

What examinations are used in field sobriety tests?

Individuals who are stopped in Wisconsin on suspicion of drunk driving may find themselves confronted with the need to perform sobriety testing. Sobriety testing is used by authorities to determine if drunk driving suspects exhibit recognized markers of intoxication. It gives police probable cause to arrest individuals on drunk driving charges and gives justification to the charges. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration there are three generally accepted forms of sobriety testing that individuals may experience during a traffic stop.

Political candidates split on drunk driving offenses

As has previously been mentioned on this blog, Wisconsin is the only state in the country that does not make a first time DUI a crime. Rather, a driver who is found to have committed DUI is given a citation. In other states across the nation a similar offense is met with a criminal misdemeanor charge.

Securing an occupational license after drunk driving conviction

Losing one's driver's license can be an injurious punishment for a Wisconsin resident convicted of drunk driving. Many people who live in the state need driver's licenses to get to work. Without a license, most people would not be able to hold down jobs and earn the money they need to support their families.

Why do courts require drivers to use ignition interlock devices?

Wisconsin drivers who have been stopped for suspected drunk driving may have been subjected to breathalyzer testing by their investigating officers. Others may have been required to give blood to determine their blood alcohol content. Both breathalyzer and blood tests give authorities evidence of a driver's BAC which is used to determine if they were driving above or below the state's legal limit.

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