Anti-recidivism Program May Be Tested on Wisconsin Drivers

For a Wisconsin driver, one of the scariest parts of getting a DUI is the fear of what will happen if the driver gets another charge. As potential consequences go up as the number of drunk driving offenses compile on a person's record, individuals subject to repeat drunk driving offenses are in particular danger of losing their rights with additional alcohol-related arrests.

A Wisconsin county may be testing a program that attempts to cut down on drunk driving repeat offenders. The program would require individuals who have had drunk driving charges brought against them utilize a breathalyzer machine two times each day. Those involved in the program would also have to pay a nominal daily fee.

This program was initiated out of state and showed some promise in its first test location. The Wisconsin county interested in trying it has committed $25,000 toward getting the program up and running. Lawmakers have noted that the program would cost significantly less money than incarcerating people for their drunk driving offenses.

If the program starts it will only focus on 100 individuals with prior drunk driving or domestic abuse charges and will analyze the effectiveness of having individuals with prior alcohol-related arrests self-police their drinking behaviors. Individuals in support of the proposal believe that it will be a good program for attacking a perceived drunk driving problem here in Wisconsin with solutions instead of punishments.

While the program may yield some interesting data on how to prevent drunk driving recidivism it will do little to help those people currently facing drunk driving charges. DUI attorneys are specially trained to work with people facing first or subsequent drunk driving convictions and to protect their rights during the judicial process.

Source: Badger Herald, "Dane County proposal would test program to reduce drunk driving repeat offenders," Sarah Link, Sep. 27, 2013