Wisconsin Woman Sentenced For Infant Daughters Death

Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to unfortunate situations, particularly when vehicles are involved. Sometimes, even if a person is not pulled over for drunk driving, that individual can still face serious charges for using a vehicle in an irresponsible manner.

Sheboygan readers may be interested in the case of woman who was recently sentenced for the death of her infant daughter due to alcohol-related neglect. In June, the 34-year-old Wisconsin woman left her daughter in an SUV for several hours with the heat on. The vehicle was parked in her driveway and still running when the child was discovered.

The baby had a temperature of almost 108 degrees when she arrived at the hospital, and the child was later pronounced dead.

It appears the woman consumed a significant amount of alcohol some time during the day. A blood-alcohol test conducted four hours after the baby was taken to the hospital showed the woman had a BAC level that was three times the legal limit. The mother would have been charged with homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle, but that charge was dropped as part of a plea deal that allowed her to avoid more serious penalties.

She was sentenced to three years in prison and four years of supervision. She cannot consume alcohol or visit bars or taverns, and she must have an ignition interlock installed on her vehicle.

This case serves as a sad reminder of the serious consequences that can come with drunk driving. This story also shows that legal penalties can be mitigated with the help of DUI legal counsel.

Source: WTAW.com, "Judge sentences Melissa Martinez in baby's death," Nov. 1, 2012