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Flashing lights reflecting in a rearview mirror is only the start of the challenges our clients face when pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. While you may see it as the first of many problems you face, that initial stop may be the key in having charges dismissed or securing an acquittal in court.

Milwaukee Roadside Sobriety Test Attorneys

Area police camp out near local taverns, music festivals, Packer games and other places where alcohol is served. They monitor the cars leaving and follow until they see a minor traffic violation committed or any sign of impaired driving. From there, proper steps must be taken in any and all testing. Violation of procedures or your rights will be brought to the attention of the courts at trial.

The police must follow strict procedures and avoid any violation of your rights. There must be just cause for that initial stop, as it sets in motion a process of sobriety and chemical testing that could lead you to jail.

Following an arrest, the first step is to protect your rights and secure the services of a DUI defense attorney. That decision could mean the difference between a guilty plea and an acquittal in court. There are many law firms that boast about their "handling" of cases and how they can minimize the consequences of a DUI.

Drunk driving defense attorney Dennis Melowski — named a 10-time Super Lawyer by Law & Politics and Milwaukee Magazine — boasts a track record of winning cases and securing acquittals, as evidenced by our Real Results Tracker.

Our success is not based on how many cases we "handle" or how we hold hands, but when we win and raise our clients' hands in victory. We take success seriously and literally. At Melowski & Associates, LLC., we are about real success that keeps you out of jail and helps maintain a record without a DUI conviction.

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