Wisconsin First DUI Offense Lawyers

While jail may not be an option for a first DUI, a conviction still results in fines, court costs, the loss of driving privileges, alcohol counseling, and potential ignition interlock device. Refusing any tests will lead to a one-year license revocation with a wait time of 30 days to apply for an occupational license and mandatory installation of ignition interlock. Auto insurance rates will also rise drastically, providing that your current provider does not drop coverage. Additional penalties exist for commercial drivers and those under 18.

With so much at stake, why select an attorney who shuffles papers, metaphorically holds your hand and agrees to a quick guilty plea? We are about success. We are about results. We are about winning. We do not make generic claims of accomplishment. We back it up with facts.

Milwaukee Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

Searching the internet or flipping through the Yellow Pages will unveil several law firms that "handle" DUI cases. Many do little more than hold their clients hand while escorting them to an inevitable guilty plea.

Few law firms can match our results and success. Our Real Results Tracker is continuously updated to note every client that we have helped avoid a DUI conviction. The consequences are far too severe to "hold hands," especially when it comes to first-time offenders. Time is of the essence in contacting Dennis Melowski, the founder of our law firm. As one of the top DUI defense lawyers in the state, he has handled landmark cases involving first-time and repeat offenders.

Wisconsin First DUI Offense Attorneys

The only hand-holding you can expect at Melowski & Associates is when we hold your hand up in a hopeful victory. Secure the services of an attorney well known as a winner. Contact us at 920-299-5074.