Wisconsin DUI And Commercial Driver's License Lawyers

No other licensed professionals are hit harder following a DUI conviction than commercial drivers. Their job requires safe operation of a truck, bus or other type of motor vehicle. A drunk driving charge puts their career and a stable financial future at risk. Selecting the right attorney is vital. Choosing an attorney who actually wins cases in court is the best choice in securing a professional future.

  • When selecting a DUI defense attorney, ask him or her the following questions:
  • How many cases have you won?
  • When was the last case you won?
  • How many DUI victories have occurred in court?
  • When was your last trial?

Milwaukee CDL Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

With license revocation a requirement of any DUI conviction, commercial drivers are impacted beyond a personal life that may be inconvenienced. With a first DUI conviction, commercial privileges will be disqualified for a year, with no possibility of a commercial occupational license. A conviction for a second or subsequent DUI can result in lifetime disqualification of commercial privileges. A DUI conviction can be a career-ending consequence for many drivers. The stigma of a DUI conviction will scare many potential employers away for years after the fact. With such a life-altering outcome at stake, commercial drivers need a law firm with an unmatched record of success in their corner. Melowski & Associates is that firm. No other law firm in Wisconsin has helped more commercial drivers avoid drunk driving convictions than Melowski & Associates. Take a look at our Real Results Tracker and see the specific results we have achieved for our CDL clients. In a remarkable stretch of just over 12 months in 2011-2012, our firm got a total of 14 commercial clients out of their drunk driving charges. This is a rate of success that most "drunk driving lawyers" don't achieve in their careers.

Rest assured, we don't just hold the hands of commercial drivers who come to Melowski & Associates, LLC., for help, which is so often the only help you will get from many so-called drunk driving attorneys. As a CDL holder, you will need much more than hand-holding. Over the years, we have helped dozens and dozens of commercial drivers avoid career-ending DUI convictions through our relentless advocacy.

Please know, we do not make claims or promises about our record of success. We show you. We let our track record of real success and real results speak for itself. Our CDL clients' goals are never to minimize penalties or jail time. They want the charges to go away. We do everything in our power to make that happen.

We know what's at stake. We match our representation accordingly. To schedule an appointment with our premier Wisconsin DUI and commercial driver's license attorneys, contact us at 920-299-5074.