Melowski & Associates, LLC.

In The News

Real Headlines. Real Results.

At Melowski & Associates, you certainly don't have to have a headline-making case for us to accomplish your goals. In fact, most of our clients don't. But it's comforting to know that when the chips are down and the stakes are at their highest, you will be represented by a law firm with the legal firepower to achieve exceptional results in even the toughest of cases.

Over the years, several of the firm's trial victories have made headlines. From a complete jury acquittal of a client charged in connection with the murder of a police officer, to another complete jury acquittal of a client facing nearly 50 years in prison for attempted homicide, the attorneys at Melowski & Associates have an established track record of vindicating their clients when the whole world seemed against them. Most recently, Dennis Melowski won a complete jury trial acquittal of former state senator Randy Hopper in his highly publicized drunk driving case. The verdict made headlines around the state and even garnered national media attention due to the effective trial strategy Dennis employed. The local newspaper covering the case took note of Dennis' superior trial skills, describing Dennis as having "dominated the trial." In November of 2012, Dennis Melowski won a complete dismissal of OWI-Homicide charges for one of his clients. This outstanding outcome made headlines in newspapers throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

Even in cases they have initially lost, the firm has found ways to win all the way up to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Numerous times, our attorneys have gotten wrongful convictions of their clients overturned by higher courts, earning headlines around the state. And although victory doesn't come in every single case we handle, our history reveals that we will leave no stone unturned in the relentless pursuit of your goals. That is our promise.