Wisconsin Woman Arrested on Suspicion of Drunk Driving

Being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol can be an intimidating experience and the allegations alone could impact a person's reputation within the community. Those who face drunk driving charges may wish to know more about their legal rights and available options, but they might not know where to turn for guidance. A woman could be in search of such advice after she was accused of driving while impaired following a recent incident in Wisconsin.

Law enforcement agents say they received reports of an incident in which a driver had veered off the road and into a nearby yard on a recent Monday night. Police claim that after entering the yard, the vehicle nearly missed colliding with a nearby residence before slamming into a telephone pole. Witnesses say the vehicle came to a halt after getting stuck on a rock and assert that a bystander was able to keep the driver from attempting to dislodge the vehicle.

Upon arriving at the scene, police say they found the driver and her three children inside a local home. They claim she was exhibiting signs of impairment and assert that a subsequent breath test indicated her blood alcohol content to be as high as three times the legal limit. She was taken into custody shortly thereafter and faces charges of driving while impaired with minors in the vehicle.

Drunk driving charges carry serious consequences should a conviction be obtained, and these penalties may only increase in severity when minors are involved. A person in Wisconsin who faces similar charges may find it helpful to retain the services of an attorney early on for guidance in making informed choices about his or her case. An attorney can examine the charges and evidence against a client and assist in forming a strategy to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable during court proceedings.