Collision Injures 2, Leaves Man Facing Drunk Driving Charges

A motor vehicle accident can take place at any given moment and can have disastrous consequences. Those who suffering serious injuries in an accident may be left extensive medical bills and a lengthy period of recovery, which can be a stressful and intimidating combination to face. Unfortunately, a recent collision that injured two individuals in Wisconsin has also left one man accused of drunk driving.

Law enforcement agents say the received a call on a recent Thursday evening about a driver who had ran through a stop sign and nearly caused a collision. Just one minute later, they received reports of a collision involving the same car. Initial investigations indicate that the driver of the car had veered off the side of the road before crossing over into an oncoming lane and striking a nearby van head-on.

Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders transported both drivers to a nearby medical facility for treatment of serious injuries. While it is unclear how authorities came to believe impairment was a factor, the driver of the first vehicle has since been accused of drunk driving. He is now facing charges for driving while impaired and causing injury.

The potential penalties for a conviction for drunk driving charges may only increase in severity when injuries are involved. Those who stand accused of similar charges may find it advisable to obtain legal counsel early on for guidance on all their available options. An attorney can help a client in Wisconsin better understand the consequences he or she may face and assist in developing a strong defense for use during subsequent court proceedings.