Road Rage Complaint Leads to Drunk Driving Charges for 1

Road rage is a major concern for many drivers and the decisions one makes while under the effects of anger could carry consequences. Similar behavioral patterns can lead to potentially dangerous driving behaviors such as tailgating or reckless driving. Unfortunately, a recent incident in which witnesses claim to have encountered an angry driver has left a 43-year-old man in Wisconsin accused of drunk driving.

According to reports, the incident began after police received complaints of a possible road rage incident. Witnesses say that the driver of a truck was following closely behind other vehicles and rapidly shifting lanes and assert that he almost caused several accidents to occur. At some point, the man allegedly pulled over to confront another driver and proceeded to speed off after a verbal altercation ensued.

Police say they were able to locate the vehicle soon thereafter and initiated a routine traffic stop. While speaking with the driver, they claim to have caught a strong scent of alcohol on him and say that a subsequent search of his vehicle uncovered several empty containers of alcohol. He was taken into custody shortly thereafter on suspicion of impairment and with four previous convictions for similar offenses on record, he is facing felony drunk driving charges.

A conviction for felony drunk driving charges carries severe penalties. Those who face similar charges may find it beneficial to consult with an attorney early on for guidance on the potential consequences they might face and all their available options. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances a client in Wisconsin is facing, help make informed choices about his or her case and assist in forming a strong defense for use during court proceedings.