Man Faces 10th Drunk Driving Charge after Altercation at Bar

In some cases, it may take little more than the words of another party to prompt an investigation, and such an event could leave a person facing criminal charges. Should witnesses claim that an individual drove away from a bar while impaired after causing a dispute, authorities are obligated to further investigate the situation. A recent incident that took place under similar circumstances in Wisconsin has left a 62-year-old man facing drunk driving charges.

Law enforcement agents claim the incident began just after midnight on a recent Monday when they received reports of an altercation at a local bar. According to reports, witnesses told police that a man had tried to start a fight at the bar and then proceeded to drive away from the scene. The authorities claim to have located the vehicle in question parked outside another establishment soon thereafter, along with a man who allegedly matched the description given by witnesses.

While speaking with the man, police claim to have noticed that he was exhibiting numerous signs of impairment. They also assert that he admitted to drinking alcohol prior to to driving his vehicle. After a breath test allegedly indicated his blood alcohol content to be over the legal limit, he was arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired. He reportedly has nine previous convictions for similar offenses on record, and a tenth conviction would carry serious consequences.

Those who stand accused of felony drunk driving charges may find it advisable to seek legal counsel early on for guidance on how best to approach the situation. An attorney can examine the charges and evidence against a client in Wisconsin and provide him or her with guidance in making informed decisions about the situation. If a conviction cannot be avoided, an attorney can help a client pursue the best outcome achievable during court proceedings.