2 Facing DUI Charges in Wisconsin Following Memorial Day Weekend

Countless individuals travel to see friends and families over holiday weekends. In some cases, gatherings of this nature may involve alcohol. While perhaps fun at the time, those who choose to drive after such an occasion could find themselves facing DUI charges. Two drivers in Wisconsin are now facing a similar situation after allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol during Memorial Day weekend.

The arrests occurred just a few hours apart, the first of which taking place after an officer claimed to have witnessed a van driving erratically. After initiating a traffic stop, the officer claims a breath test indicated she was over the legal driving limit, leading to her arrest. If convicted, this would reportedly be her second offense, and she could face additional charges in relation to the fact that there were children present in the vehicle.

The second incident occurred when police reportedly received a call claiming that a driver was falling asleep at the wheel. According to reports, the car eventually crashed into a nearby guardrail, and police claim that the woman was uncooperative during arrest. A child was also present in this vehicle, and the driver is facing DUI charges, although there was no indication given in relation to the performance of field sobriety tests in this situation.

Those accused of DUI face serious consequences if a conviction is obtained, which only become more severe in repeated offenses and/or if children are involved. Accused individuals will often seek to protect themselves by challenging the charges, but the process can be complex. When facing similar charges, a person Wisconsin will often retain the services of a defense attorney for advice on the potential outcomes given the circumstances, as well as assistance in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible during court proceedings.