Our Firm Offers a Diverse DUI Defense Practice

No two DUI or drunk driving arrests on Wisconsin roads are the same. A myriad of factors, such as the time of day and driving conditions present when the arrests are made, the experience of the stopping police officers, the health of the suspected drunk drivers, and many other issues can influence if charges will be filed against an individual and what those charges might be. Because Wisconsin has on its books a variety of criminal laws related to driving while under the influence of alcohol, a variety of criminal defenses exist to challenge those differing allegations.

The law firm of Melowski & Associates provides DUI and drunk driving defense services to individuals facing the state's diverse drunk driving charges. From first time DUI arrests to felony DUI arrests, the firm's attorneys and staff are prepared to work with clients on formulating the most effective defense strategies for their particular cases.

Just as the potential consequences for a DUI arrest can vary based on the type of crime charged, so too can the defenses available to a person who is facing alcohol-related charges. For this reason, the attorneys of Melowski & Associates help their clients match the best defenses to their pending charges to provide them with opportunities to achieve favorable legal outcomes.

While it is important for individuals to remember that no particular outcome can ever be guaranteed when it comes to defending DUI charges, by arming themselves with knowledge and a legal advocate, they may increase their chances of beating an oftentimes aggressive prosecution. The attorneys of Melowski & Associates are prepared to provide legal representation to new clients in and around Sheboygan. To learn more about its diverse offerings, please visit the firm's website on DUI and drunk driving defenses.