Consequences of Drunk Driving Convictions Can Be Far-Reaching

Last week's blog post discussed the challenges of securing an occupational or hardship license in Wisconsin after a person loses the right to drive following a drunk driving conviction. Occupational licenses are not guaranteed for all individuals who desperately need them to get to and from work; for some, the consequences of losing a driver's license can extend far beyond simply not being able to drive.

A lost license can threaten a person's livelihood. Without a license to use to drive to work, a person may stop getting paid if the individual is not able to be physically present for the job. Without pay, the person may struggle to keep up with the individual's bills and other important financial obligations. Before people know it, different areas of their life may begin to suffer simply because they temporarily lost the right to drive.

A drunk driving conviction can affect a person's life in many ways; the loss of a driver's license is only one of them. Though no outcome can ever be guaranteed, individuals who desire to fight the drunk driving charges brought against them have the right to do so. Attorneys who work in drunk driving defense can assist and support such individuals along the way.

The law firm of Melowski & Singh works with individuals facing a variety of drunk driving charges. The firm's attorneys help their clients make important decisions about the clients' defenses and prepare their clients for what to expect when their drunk driving matters are heard in court. If people are facing a drunk driving charge and are concerned about the consequences of a conviction an attorney can be invaluable. The law firm of Melowski & Singh is available and experienced. For more information about drunk driving charges and how we can help, please see our website.