Man Suspected Of Drunk Driving In Fatal Wisconsin Car Accident

Facing a drunk driving crime in Wisconsin can be damaging to a person's reputation and well-being. When the charge forces a person to surrender his license or pay a high fine, the financial health of the individual and his family can be directly impacted. When the accusation is more serious and imprisonment is a potential penalty, the individual can face losing his rights and spending substantial time behind bars.

A man suspected of causing a drunk driving car accident in Oshkosh faces just those potential consequences. He allegedly hit another car with his while the other car was stopped for a train. The impact of the two vehicles colliding apparently forced the stopped car to roll. The driver of that car lost his life in the incident.

A passenger in the accused driver's car was taken to the hospital as well. Wisconsin police arrested the driver of the moving vehicle and he has been placed in the Winnebago County Jail. As he has been charged with a crime he will have to face the allegations brought against him in court.

Though getting through a drunk driving trial may seem insurmountable, it is possible for some suspects to come out of their legal troubles with their rights intact. The facts of every drunk driving case are different and no legal representative can guarantee an outcome at trial. However, working with a trained drunk driving expert can improve a suspect's understanding of the law as well as the availability of defenses applicable to his case.

The facts of this alleged drunk driving accident are still being gathered. As prosecutors work to collect information about this alleged drunk driving accident, the suspect will have the opportunity to begin preparing his legal strategy. A strong defense can help a suspect advocate his case and protect his legal rights when facing serious criminal charges.

Source: The Republic, "Man held on suspicion of drunk driving and causing fatal crash in Oshkosh," Oct. 6, 2014