1 Accused of Drunk Driving After Falling Asleep in Vehicle

Driver fatigue continues to be a major concern for many individuals. Those who feel the effects of fatigue setting in while operating a motor vehicle may feel that pulling off the road and resting is the safest decision to make. Unfortunately, a recent incident in which authorities claim to have found a driver asleep behind the wheel of a car in Wisconsin has left a 32-year-old man in custody on suspicion of drunk driving.

Law enforcement agents claim the incident began after they found a driver asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle just before 2 a.m. on a recent Saturday. They also assert that his vehicle had come to a halt in the wrong lane of traffic. Upon approaching the vehicle, police assert that they were forced to bang on the driver side window and rock the car before they were able to get a response.

While speaking with the driver, police claim that he appeared to be confused and say they caught a strong scent of intoxicants coming from him. After administering field sobriety tests, they took him into custody on suspicion of impairment. According to reports, he is currently facing multiple charges in connection with the incident, including a second offense for driving while impaired.

Being accused of drunk driving can be a daunting experience and the outcome of the situation could have a significant impact on one's future. Those who face similar charges and wish to gain a better understanding of how to prepare for what comes next could choose to retain the services of an attorney for guidance on what to expect from the process. An attorney in Wisconsin can work toward protecting a client's legal rights and assist him or her in forming a strategy to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable during court proceedings.