Hit-and-Run Crash Leads to Drunk Driving Charges

Upon receiving reports of a hit-and-run crash, authorities may be tasked with investigating the incident and locating the responsible party. Such an investigation can be complex in nature, as there could be more than one person who has access to the other vehicle involved in the accident. An investigation into a recent collision in which a driver is said to have left the scene of the crash has left a 42-year-old man in Wisconsin accused of drunk driving.

Law enforcement agents say they responded to reports of a hit-and-run accident on a recent Wednesday evening. Initial investigations suggest the driver of a car had crashed into the side of another vehicle and then proceeded to flee the scene. Police claim that driver of the second vehicle was able to provide them with a license plate number for the other car and say they were able to locate the car soon thereafter.

They also claim to have found the driver of the car inside the home at which it was parked. While many of the details pertaining to what happened next remain unclear, he was reportedly taken into custody after allegedly exhibiting signs of impairment. Although authorities also assert that a warrant was obtained for a legal blood draw, the results of the test were not provided.

When an investigation into a collision leads to allegations of drunk driving, those accused of such an offense may be uncertain how to handle the situation. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can examine the circumstances a person is facing and provide guidance in making informed choices about his or her case. Seeking such advice could prove vital to helping a person in Wisconsin understand all his or her available options and prepare to pursue the most favorable outcome possible during subsequent court proceedings.