1 Accused of Drunk Driving Following Accident at Intersection

When a driver fails to adhere to traffic lights or signs upon approaching an intersection, the chances a collision will take place may increase substantially. Should such a collision involving similar circumstances occur, there may also be a higher chance that investigating officials may suspect the presence of further wrongdoing. A recent accident that is said to have occurred at an intersection in Wisconsin has left a 53-year-old man in custody on suspicion of drunk driving.

Law enforcement agents claim the incident began after they received reports of an accident that took place at a local intersection. They say an investigation into the crash suggests that the driver of a car crashed into another vehicle after failing to stop for a red light. They say the man proceeded to leave the scene of the crash shortly thereafter.

After allegedly locating the car later on, police say they found the man passed out on a nearby sidewalk. They say he was exhibiting signs of impairment and claim he informed them he had consumed alcohol prior to driving his car. He was subsequently arrested and charged with drunk driving, which would reportedly be his seventh offense for similar charges should a conviction be obtained.

Those who face felony drunk driving charges might not always be fully aware of all their available options and how best to handle the situation. When facing similar circumstances, a person in Wisconsin could find it helpful to speak with an attorney early on for guidance on the consequences he or she could face and what to expect from the process. An attorney can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client and assist in forming a strong defense for use during subsequent legal proceedings.