Parking Lot Crash Leads to Drunk Driving Charges for 1

While being involved in an accident can be a stressful process, attempting to flee the scene is never advisable. Not only could such an action be viewed as an admission of guilt, but it could also act to increase the severity of the situation. A 38-year-old man was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving after allegedly attempting to evade authorities by jumping into a nearby lake in Wisconsin.

Authorities assert the incident began on a recent Friday night after two security guards claimed to have witnessed a driver run through a red light. After parking their car at a local establishment later on, they assert the same vehicle crashed into their car while attempting to back out of a parking space. While speaking with the driver, they claim to have caught a strong odor of intoxicants emanating from the man and proceeded to call for help.

While awaiting the arrival of authorities, the guards claim the man began to run and subsequently jumped into a nearby lake and proceeded to swim away. Authorities allegedly located the man hanging onto the side of a boat later on, and they claim he declined their requests that he perform field sobriety tests. He was taken into custody on suspicion of impairment shortly thereafter and is also facing charges for resisting an officer.

Those who stand accused of drunk driving might not always be fully aware of how their actions and decisions could impact the outcome of the situation. When facing similar charges, a person in Wisconsin could benefit from speaking with an attorney early on for guidance on how best to approach the situation. An attorney can provide a client with guidance in making informed choices about his or her case and assist in pursuing the best outcome achievable during subsequent court proceedings.