Woman Accused of Drunk Driving with Child in Her Lap Steering Car

Accusations for driving while intoxicated are severe in nature, especially when a child is involved. When there are previous charges of the like, an accused individual may face additional penalties if found guilty of drunk driving. A woman in Wisconsin may be facing similar charges after she was allegedly caught operating a vehicle with a child on her lap while intoxicated.

According to police, the woman was sighted driving on a local highway with a young child in her lap. They claim that the child appeared to be steering the vehicle, and subsequently initiated a traffic stop. The woman was allegedly unwilling to cooperate with authorities at first, and they claim that she exhibited several signs that often indicate intoxication. She apparently underwent field sobriety tests as well, which they claim she did not complete satisfactorily.

If convicted, this would reportedly be her third DUI offense. She is also accused of recklessly endangering safety and violating an order regarding an interlock ignition device. The third offense alone could result in up to a year in prison, along with a substantial fine, and the additional charges only add to the severity of the situation. She may also face consequences regarding her child, who is currently in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Individuals who are confronted with drunk driving charges often find the process overwhelming and intimidating. Accused individuals who are uncertain how to proceed will likely find it beneficial to retain the services of a defense attorney. An attorney in Wisconsin can thoroughly examine the charges and evidence against a client and assist him or her in forming a strong defense to challenge the accusations in criminal court.

Source: Greenfield, WI Patch, "Drunk Woman Arrested for Allowing 8-Year-Old Son to Drive on Highway", Scott Anderson, May 6, 2017