Wisconsin Woman Accused of 5th Drunk Driving Offense

Being accused of a crime can be stressful and overwhelming. Individuals who are charged with drunk driving face serious consequences that can impact numerous areas of life, personal and professional alike. If convicted of a similar crime in the past, the situation can be much more challenging to overcome. A woman was recently arrested in Wisconsin and accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, which would reportedly be her fifth offense.

In the early hours of the morning on a recent Saturday, a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper claimed to have come upon a vehicle that was parked in front of a traffic light. Asserting that the vehicle had been stationary for a while, the trooper apparently initiated a traffic stop. After initiating field sobriety tests, the trooper arrested the woman for allegedly operating her vehicle while intoxicated.

The trooper claims that the woman refused to undergo a blood draw. After a warrant was allegedly obtained, and she was taken to a hospital for this purpose, after which she was formally taken into custody. The results of said tests were not listed, and she reportedly remains in custody.

Successive drunk driving charges are potentially severe in nature, and if a previous conviction is within a certain number of years, he or she could be facing felony charges. A person who is facing the possibility of such dire consequences will likely find it beneficial to seek the counsel of a defense attorney as early as possible. An attorney can evaluate the charges against a client, as well as the procedures used during the arrest, and assist him or her in forming a strong defense to challenge the charges during criminal proceedings.

Source: wqow.com, "Jackson Co. woman arrested for 5th OWI", Claire Sarafin, May 6, 2017