Why Does a Persons BAC Go up after Drinking

When a Sheboygan resident consumes an alcoholic beverage the alcohol in it gets into the person's bloodstream very quickly. Unlike food which must pass through various organ systems before it is filtered throughout a person's body, alcohol can pass into a person's bloodstream through the stomach. Due to the rapid intake of alcohol into a person's blood, the impact of alcohol can affect a person soon after the individual has finished consuming a drink.

This DUI defense law blog has previously discussed what can impact the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into a person's blood. Different factors can influence how quickly alcohol absorbs into a person's bloodstream but generally a person's blood alcohol concentration will be at its highest about an hour after the person has consumed a drink. A person's weight, tolerance and gender can also impact how fast or slow the alcohol content of the person's blood rises, as well as if the individual had any food in the person's stomach at the time the alcohol was consumed.

These factors, coupled with the quantity of alcohol a person consumes, can affect how fast one's BAC becomes saturated with alcohol. Blood tests like those administered by law enforcement officials can have different readings based on when during the period of time after a person stops drinking the test is given. A test administered right after a person stops drinking may produce a lower reading than one administered 30 to 60 minutes after drinking ceases.

The rate at which alcohol is absorbed can impact how fast a person's BAC rises. So too can a host of factors that are personal to the individual. To learn more about BAC and alcohol tests and how those factors may impact a drunk driving charge, consider speaking with a DUI defense attorney.