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Are Technical Errors Common for Breathalyzers?

We have all experienced frustration when our technology fails us. Whether it is a glitch or a more permanent break, all types of devices tend to malfunction from time to time. In everyday life, these errors are usually not extremely serious. However, when dealing with something that has legal repercussions, like blood alcohol content, it’s important to have reliable technology. Are breathalyzers prone to technical errors? Or are the results always accurate?

Reasons for Breathalyzer Error

Breathalyzers are generally viewed as reliable and accurate. However, there have been numerous instances where the results of a breath test were affected by faults of the breathalyzer device.

Breathalyzer results may be inaccurate for a number of reasons:

  • Calibration: If the officer did not calibrate the device, the results could be skewed.
  • Software issues: Some researchers believe that software issues and questions of legality could be the biggest issue when it comes to breathalyzer evidence.
  • Extreme temperatures: Exposure to high or low temperatures could affect the functionality of the device if it is not properly calibrated.
  • Poor maintenance: Police officers are required to maintain their breathalyzer devices. Failure to perform necessary upkeep and maintenance can result in incorrect readings.

Identifying Errors with Breathalyzers

You may be wondering, even if these issues were at play during your breath test, how do you prove it? This is where the help of a DUI defense attorney is important. DUI defense attorneys have extensive knowledge of breathalyzer devices, breath test science, and how to get further information to prove that the device you took your test on was unreliable.

DUI Defense Attorneys in Wisconsin

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