Melowski & Singh Represent Individuals Facing Dui Charges

The law firm of Melowski & Singh serves the greater Sheboygan area and provides legal defense services for individuals facing a variety of drunk driving charges. From consulting on first-time DUI allegations to defending charges of aggravated drunk driving, our legal team is prepared to help you understand your options as well as defend yourself in court.

As in any other form of litigation, in DUI prosecution there are two sides to every story. Individuals who must face drunk driving charges have the right to tell their stories based on the facts of the incidents that led to their arrests. They do not have to passively accept their charges and the allegations on which they are based; DUI defendants may advocate for themselves during their trials.

However, preparing for a drunk driving trial can be daunting, and not everyone who finds himself in such a challenging position is willing to take on such a task alone. For that reason, our law firm is available help you work through the legal system and to prepare for your day in court. We zealously represent our clients on a broad range of drunk driving charges.

To learn more about how the law firm of Melowski & Singh might help you prepare for your drunk driving trial, please visit the firm's website on DUI defense. There you can explore information about our practice as well as some of the potential consequences that people can face in the state of Wisconsin when they are convicted of drunk driving offenses. A drunk driving conviction is a serious matter. Let us help you prepare for the drunk driving legal troubles that you may face while on your way to your trial.