1 Faces Felony Drunk Driving Charges in Wisconsin

In some cases, it could take little more than the words of another party to launch an investigation into allegations of unlawful behavior. Being the subject of such an investigation could prove intimidating enough as is, and the situation may only increase in severity should criminal charges be filed. A call from a witness that prompted an incident leading to a traffic stop in Wisconsin has reportedly left a 56-year-old man facing felony drunk driving charges.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident began when a witness called in with a complaint about a possible drunk driver. Upon locating the vehicle in question, authorities claim to have initiated a traffic stop after allegedly catching the driver perform an improper stop. While speaking with the driver, officers claim that he informed them he was operating without a valid driver's license and that he had consumed an unspecified amount of alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel of the car.

After conducting field sobriety and breath tests, police took the man into custody on suspicion of impairment. They also state that an inspection of his records revealed that his driving privileges had been revoked indefinitely following a recent conviction for similar offenses. According to reports, he is currently facing felony drunk driving charges and could face up to six years behind bars and a substantial amount in monetary fines should a conviction be obtained.

With the potential weight a conviction for drunk driving charges could have on one's future, those who stand accused of similar offenses may find it helpful to seek guidance early on. By speaking with an attorney, a person in Wisconsin could gain insight into the potential penalties he or she may face and advice on the available options. Should a conviction be unavoidable, an attorney can help a client pursue the most favorable outcome possible during legal proceedings.