Fatal Collision Could Leave 1 Facing Drunk Driving Charges

Being involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and haunting experience. Those who survive the incident may feel that they will be forced to live with the aftermath for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, a recent collision in Wisconsin that claimed the lives of three individuals and left another with serious injuries could reportedly leave another person facing drunk driving charges.

On a recent Friday at around 6:45 p.m., police claim to have received reports of a driver of a pickup truck who was exhibiting erratic behavior. Shortly thereafter, they received a call about an accident in which the truck had slammed into a nearby vehicle at a high rate of speed. The impact of the crash reportedly caused the second vehicle to flip over into a marsh while the truck came to a rest after crashing through a nearby fence.

Police have advised that one person in the second vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene, while three others were taken to a hospital for medical care. Unfortunately, two of the individuals passed away shortly after arriving at the facility. The driver of the truck was also rushed to a medical facility for treatment, and although it is uncertain how authorities came to believe impairment was a contributing factor, they have advised that he will likely be charged with drunk driving upon being released from the hospital.

A conviction for drunk driving charges carries severe consequences, especially when secured in connection with a fatal accident. Those who face similar charges could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney early on for advice in making informed decisions about their case. An attorney can help a client in Wisconsin better understand all of the available options, and even if a conviction cannot be avoided, assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable during subsequent court proceedings.