Single-vehicle Crash Leads to Allegations of Drunk Driving for 1

When a single-vehicle accident takes place, authorities may be tasked with investigating the incident to determine what might have caused it to occur. There are a variety of scenarios that could lead a person to veer off the road, such as a moment of distraction or a sudden an unexpected curve in the road. Unfortunately, a recent accident in Wisconsin has left a 33-year-old woman facing drunk driving charges.

According to police, the incident took place at around 2 a.m. on a recent Sunday when the driver of a jeep entered a roundabout in the wrong direction. They claim the woman was driving at excessive speeds at the time and proceeded to veer off the road after she was unable to navigate the turn. After exiting the road, her vehicle reportedly proceeded to roll over before coming to a rest in a nearby ditch.

Although it remains unclear if field sobriety or breath tests were initiated, authorities assert that impairment was a contributing factor in the accident. Following the crash, the woman was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence. If a conviction is obtained, this would reportedly be her first drunk driving offense, but even a first offense can carry serious consequences.

Upon being accused of drunk driving, the average person may be unaware of the consequences he or she may face and how best to prepare for what comes next. Fortunately, there are attorneys that can provide a person in Wisconsin with guidance on what to expect from the process and assistance in forming a strong defense. An attorney can work toward protecting a client's legal rights and assist him or her in pursuing the best outcome achievable during court proceedings.