Late Night Traffic Stop Leaves 1 Accused of Drunk Driving

Law enforcement agents may choose to initiate a routine traffic stop under a variety of circumstances. Drivers who are traveling beyond the speed limit or exhibiting improper lane control may experience a similar incident, and they could feel somewhat intimidated or unnerved by the process. A recent traffic stop that took place in Wisconsin has resulted in the arrest of a man who stands accused of drunk driving.

According to reports, authorities initiated a traffic stop just after 3 a.m. on a recent Sunday after allegedly encountering a vehicle that was speeding and drifting in and out of a lane. Upon approaching the vehicle, authorities assert that there were three individuals inside, two of whom were kids. They also claim to have caught a strong scent of alcohol coming from the driver during this period, and field sobriety tests were initiated.

Although no further details were provided, the driver of the vehicle was placed under arrest on suspicion of driving a vehicle while intoxicated. In addition to drunk driving charges, he is also facing charges for operating a vehicle without a license. Although this would be his first drunk driving offense if a conviction is obtained, even a first offense can carry serious consequences.

The average person may be unaware of his or her rights during a traffic stop. Those who stand accused of drunk driving under similar circumstances could benefit from speaking with a defense attorney early on for guidance on how best to proceed. An attorney can help a client in Wisconsin gain a better understanding of what to expect during the process and assist him or her in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible during court proceedings.