Wisconsin Man Accused of 4th Drunk Driving Offense

Upon being accused of a crime, many individuals may be uncertain how to respond to the situation or where to turn for guidance. Facing criminal allegations can be a daunting experience, and seeking advice from an attorney early on could prove invaluable. A 51-year-old man could be focusing on his defense after he was accused of drunk driving in relation to his alleged involvement in a recent accident in Wisconsin.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident began at around 2:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning when they received reports of a collision. According to these reports, a driver had veered into a construction zone and struck a generator, and nearly missed striking several workers in the process. Police have advised that none of the workers suffered injuries in the incident, and that the driver was taken to a medical facility for treatment.

According to law enforcement agents, a breath test indicated his blood alcohol content to be .19, which would be well over the legal limit to drive. They also claim the man has three previous drunk driving convictions on record, and he was arrested soon thereafter. With each successive offense, the potential penalties for similar charges increase in severity, and a fourth conviction could have a substantial impact on the man's life.

Those who stand accused of drunk driving may wish to safeguard their future by forming a strong defense, but they may need assistance in the process. Since the criminal justice system can be complex, one might find it advisable to retain the services of an experienced attorney. An attorney in Wisconsin can work toward protecting a client's legal rights and assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable during subsequent legal proceedings.

Source: Greenfield, WI Patch, "Drunk Driver Hits Power Generator On I-894 Saturday: Report", Scott Anderson, Feb. 26, 2018