New Bill in Wisconsin Could Increase Penalties for Drunk Driving

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol carries significant penalties that can have a substantial impact on a person's future. In addition to potentially spending time behind bars and paying hefty fines, those convicted of drunk driving may also have their driving privileges suspended, which can create a variety of hardships in everyday life. A newly proposed law that will soon go before Wisconsin legislators could result in a minimum 10-year license suspension for those convicted of multiple drunk driving offenses.

According to reports, recent studies in the state suggest that as many as one-third of convictions for driving under the influence are repeat offenses. Convictions for repeat offenses already carry serious consequences, including suspension of driving privileges for up to three years and a requirement for an ignition interlock device. If this new bill is passed and signed into law, those convicted of a fourth or higher DUI offense would be required to wait a 10-year period before reapplying for a drivers license.

The ability to drive is a crucial factor in the lives of many individuals. Those who lose this privilege may have difficulty in retaining certain avenues of employment, potentially leading many individuals to look for work closer to home, which could force some to take on a less profitable position. Suffering a loss of income can create a variety of hardships, and safeguarding this area of life could be crucial to many.

When accused of drunk driving, individuals may wish to protect themselves against potentially devastating consequences by challenging the charges, but the process can be stressful and daunting. Those who face similar circumstances could speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in forming a strong defense. An attorney in Wisconsin can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client and provide advice on how to pursue the most favorable outcome possible during court proceedings.