Man Accused of Drunk Driving Following Police Pursuit and Crash

A 24-year-old man has recently been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence following an alleged police chase and subsequent collision in Wisconsin. The penalties for a drunk driving conviction are serious enough on their own, and only increase in severity when additional charges are present. Although a traffic stop can be an intimidating process, attempting to flee from one is never a good idea, and may only increase any suspicion of wrong-doing.

According to police, the incident began when a deputy came upon a driver that was operating a vehicle in an erratic manner. The deputy attempted to initiate a traffic stop, and claims the man ignored the lights and siren and began to flee. They claim that a pursuit ensued, and that stop sticks were deployed by officers, which the driver struck before slamming into a nearby wall. However, he allegedly proceeded to evade arrest, and eventually slammed into a deputy's squad car in a nearby parking lot.

After allegedly fleeing the vehicle on foot, authorities say they were able to catch up to the man and subdue him. He was transported to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries and a blood draw. Although the results of the blood test are unclear, he was arrested and is facing numerous charges in relation to the alleged incident, and if convicted, he could be facing nearly 15 years behind bars.

When an individual is facing criminal charges, seeking guidance in the early stages of the process could be crucial. Those accused of drunk driving may find it beneficial to speak with a defense attorney for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can advise a client in Wisconsin on the potential consequences he or she may face, and if a conviction cannot be avoided, assist in pursuing a lesser sentence during court proceedings.